Service overview

What is "Multilingual SDS Authoring Service"?

Sumika Technical Information Service, Inc. (STIS) is a group of specialists in the field of chemical safety, and has the experiences to participate GHS classification national project in Japan.

SDS(Safety Data Sheet) is a summary which provides various information about hazardousness of product and safety precautions. Currently SDS's compliance obligation for chemical-related regulations becomes vital for chemical industry in the world. And sometimes SDSs in local languages are required. In order to respond such needs, STIS has launched "Multilingual SDS Authoring Service". This service offers the multi-national/multi-language SDS which is compliant with latest global regulations.

In 2015, we had concluded a license agreement with SAP, one of the biggest software companies in the world, to use SAP® EHS Regulatory Documentation onDemand (SAP ERD) content service.
SAP ERD has accumulated chemical related physicochemical and toxicological data, and regulations around the world. And its' consistent, automated and standardized logic will make creation of SDS so reliable. Most of all, quarterly update with the latest regulation data as well as local requirement for preparation of SDS can keep them up-to-date.

Let us help you to make your SDS to be compliant with applicable regulations!

What is SAP ERD?

SAP® EHS Regulatory Documentation OnDemand (SAP ERD) is a subscription-based content service which can make compliant SDSs and label data summary for over 100 countries in over 40 languages.

SAP ERD is quarterly enhanced with most applicable contents based on the latest regulatory requirement after being assessed by SAP specialists on a global basis.

In order to implement appropriate classification of the product's hazardousness, the utmost effort to amass the component's data is indispensable. Through SAP ERD system, the component data accumulated in their system can be shared on request basis. Otherwise, you can choose to use your company-specific data as a component. That is, this system has tremendous flexibility to respond your demand or requirement.

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