From order to delivery process

  1. 1. STIS begins with asking customer to submit required data of the product.
    (please refer to; "Required data from customer").
  2. 2. Then, STIS enters those data into ERD portal after checking.
  3. 3. STIS and SAP communicate with each other to solve unclear or inaccuracy issues, if any.
  4. 4. SAP assigns them to actual database, evaluate, calculate and run their original rule logic.
  5. 5. STIS asks customer to check Draft released.
  6. 6. Final SDS (and label data summary (if requested)) is released.

Required data from customer

Followings are those we would like to ask you to provide

  1. 1. Data Entry Form (designated) (product data)

    This is a designated entry form which we would like you to fill out with the information about your product, such as;

    • - Physical and chemical properties
    • - Physical hazards
    • - Composition (concentration (%), CAS no., etc.)
    • - Countries and Languages required
    • - Ecotoxicity and toxicity data as a product (mixture), if any.
  2. 2. SDS (if any) (product data)

    Existing SDS (in English) of the product in question.

  3. 3. Component's SDS (if any) (component data)

    Component's SDS (in English) provided by the manufacturer.

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