Privacy Policy

Sumika Technical Information Services, Inc. is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of our clients. Our privacy policy regarding your personal information provided through this website is as follows:

Use and Management

In order to respond to inquiries, website viewers may be requested to provide personal information, including name and contact information. The disclosure of such information is optional. We do not use the information for any other purpose.


In order to protect our clients' privacy, we are committed to maintaining and continually upgrading our IT security. Information collected through this website is protected and will not be disclosed without receiving prior consent, except in the following cases:

Internet-related Risks

Please note that there are general privacy risks associated with Internet/e-mail operations that may cause personal information to be disclosed inadvertently to third parties. Discretion is advised. When visiting websites linked to this site, please confirm and comply with the stated privacy policy.

Collection of Access Data

We may collect the viewer's access data, including IP addresses, access status, or access conditions based on our needs for the safe, smooth operation and maintenance of this website.

Inquiries and Requests

For questions about our privacy policy, or to review submitted personal data, please contact us. We will respond to you promptly.

For children under 13 Years Old

Under Japanese law, children under the age of thirteen must receive permission from a parent or a guardian before releasing personal information.

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