Our Expertise

Chemistry and advanced technologies play a key role in the development of new products and services. The application of basic chemistry coupled with advanced knowledge of applied chemistry is key to the development of new technology. STIS has developed a solid reputation in technical and scientific research and information management.
We conduct research and provide technical information in the following areas:

  1. 1 Technology Related to Polymers

    Polymerization technology, new catalysts, functional polymers, and hybrid materials

  2. 2 Advanced Materials for Display & IT Devices

    LCD, OLED, and Semiconductors

  3. 3 Life Sciences

    • Biotechnology, including genetically engineered plants and agricultural compounds
    • Biopharmacology, including chemical intermediates and custom synthesis, the development of clinical testing drugs and the synthesis of active ingredients to be used for new drugs
  4. 4 Environmental Management & Safety Standards

    Toxicology standards, human health risk management, disaster risk control for chemical plants, and regulatory requirements

In order to support our clients' project planning and R&D activities, STIS offers comprehensive professional services and technical support tailored to particular requirements.

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