Chemical Safety & Safety Research

We are entrusted with various tasks related to chemical safety.

We are mainly in charge of preparing SDSs and managing related chemical databases for Sumitomo Chemical Group companies, and have many staff members with abundant experience in the fields of risk and/or hazard assessment for physicochemical properties, humane health, and environmental impact of their chemical substances. Thus, we can provide accurate consulting services on the basis of a lot of practical experience.

1Information survey by well-experienced experts on chemical safety evaluation for humane health and environment.

Information research on chemical safety (toxicity, environmental impact, etc.), hazards (related to disaster prevention), or laws and regulations.

  1. Collect, evaluate, and analyze the information on toxicity for human and wildlife, carcinogenicity, and environmental behavior of the chemicals from literature and related databases.
  2. Collect and analyze information on disaster prevention based on physicochemical properties from literature and related databases.
  3. Search for acceptable concentrations in the chemical laws and/or regulations worldwide.

2Research and consulting by well-experienced experts.

  1. Translation of literature and materials on the toxicity and environmental impact of chemicals and preparation of explanation documents or guidance.
  2. Support for safety training for employees regarding the handling of chemicals.
  3. Evaluation of results of Ames test, biodegradability test, bioconcentration test, ecotoxicity test, and screening toxicity test. Supports for preparation of notification materials in compliance with laws and regulations such as the Industrial Safety and Health Act, Chemical Substances Control Law, etc.
  4. Evaluate the data on toxicity and exposure assessments of chemical substances, and analyze the risk for human health and environmental impact.
  5. Supports for preparing risk assessment documents and GPS/JIPS safety summaries.