Database Search

The environment surrounding databases has changed dramatically over the past 30 years, and anyone can now easily access patent information and bibliographic databases provided free of charge on the Web.
On the other hand, professional databases such as CAPLUS are still abstracted, indexed, and classified by experts on an ongoing basis, and the high search accuracy resulting from this is worthy of special mention.

However, in order to conduct highly accurate searches in specialized databases, it is necessary to fully understand the database creation policy, indexing policy, etc., and to construct the most appropriate search formula, which requires experience in addition to specialized knowledge.

We can perform the information searches you need on your behalf, drawing on our accumulated expertise as well as years of experience using specialized databases of scientific and technical information.

Service items

  1. Patent Search
  2. Document Retrieval
  3. Chemical Substance Search
  4. Survey of laws and regulations in each country

    ※We can also conduct periodic searches on the same topic and report back to you.