Profile of Directors


土居 秀二 工学修士(DOI SHUJI) 情報利用支援、DX支援担当
  • DOI SHUJI Doi Shuji Master of Engineering
  • Director Responsible for: Technology Research, Analysis & Information Services, GX support


After completing his master’s degree, he joined Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd. He was in charge of development of organic electronics/printed electronics (polymer organic EL materials and devices, organic semiconductor materials and devices, organic thin-film solar cells), and applications for conductive polymers (sensors, batteries, displays, etc.). He also worked in the Research Planning and Coordination Office and the Business Promotion Office, where he was involved in R&D support for lithium-ion battery cathode materials, polymer organic EL, etc.
Since 2014, he has been in charge of technology and patent searches mainly at STIS.
In 2020, he was appointed Director of the company.